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    Blackletter Ep1: Introduction to BlackLetter

    Blackletter Ep2: Legal & Creative Issues in Film Industry

    Blackletter Ep3 : The Underpinnings of Security Clearances

    Blackletter Ep4: Intellectual Property in China

    Blackletter Ep 5: Trademark Adventures in Starting a Brewery

    Blackletter Ep 6: Business Litigation

    Blackletter Ep 7: The Alcohol Biz

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    Unconventional Business Wisdom and Educational Interviews for Corporate Counsel, Start-ups and CEOs.


    Black letter laws are the well-established legal rules that are no longer subject to reasonable dispute.  Originally, "black letter"" was the Gothic  type-style which was used to set forth the law in England until the mid 18th century.  Every business is subject to so-called black letter laws.  This podcast brings famously experienced business people, lawyers, accountants, and anyone else in the realm of business to the table to share personal experiences that have shaped their business and to talk about how to handle black letter issues in creative ways.  

    TED Talks - without the water breaks


    TED Talks are great.  But if you don't have time to listen to a huge "concept speech", Blackletter is a quick jolt of timely information combined with humor and actual FREE business and legal counsel.

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