E35: Season 3 Episode 15: Best of Blackletter – Season 3 in Review

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Tom Dunlap brings famously experienced business people, lawyers, accountants, and anyone else in the realm of business to the table to share personal experiences that have shaped their business and to talk about how to handle black letter issues in creative ways.  Topics include:

Cyber Security
Tom Dunlap joins David Verhey and Robert Eatinger, partners for Dunlap Bennett and Ludwig, and Major General Charlie Fletcher, at the AUSA cocktail part in Washington, DC, and they talk about cyber security and national security and socio economic issues.

Federal Litigation
Tom Dunlap sits down with Kevin Shoemaker and Robert Sutton of Shoemaker Corporation III and David Keesling of Dunlap, Bennett and Ludwig to talk about business law on a multi-million dollar court case level.

Estate Planning
Tom Dunlap, Rhonda Miller and Sarah Aviles discuss estate planning and some things you want to avoid.

Athletes and Immigration
Tom Dunlap chats with Dusty Gwinn, Gerald LeMelle, and Ken Harvey about athletes and immigration law.

Tom Dunlap connects remotely with Daniel Davis of Dunlap, Bennett & Ludwig to unpack the regulations behind CCPA and Cal OPA and how to comply.

Legal Issues in Making Independent Films
Tom Dunlap chats with Kurt Klaus and Mikail Chowdhury about legalities within the film industry. They explore topics such as legal challenges in film, early film development and investors, and major takeaways from a legal standpoint in film production.

Real Estate and Investments
Tom Dunlap sits down with Blake Fellows of Fellows Financial Group & Marie Henderson of MarieHenderson Group to discuss business and real estate planning for athletes. Topics include athletes and property ownership, advocacy, and pertinent financial advice to avoid falling trap to predators.

Political Consulting
John Whitbeck joins Tom Dunlap to speak about consulting and law in the political campaigning world. Topics discussed include general consulting to a campaign, primary structures, fundraising as a political candidate, complying with finance laws, campaign fundamentals and much more. Grab a cup of coffee and take a listen as we dive in.

Corporate Law
Blackletter travels to Wilmington, Delaware where Tom Dunlap discusses selling and protecting solutions, patents and IP in China with John Panichella, President and CEO, and Royce Warrick, Sr VP and General Counsel of Solenis.


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