E22: Season 3 Episode 2: Case Study in Federal Litigation (Shoemaker Corporation III)

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Understanding An MSP

An MSP or managed service provider is essentially IT consulting and IT outsourcing that wouldn’t be provided by a normal IT service provider. This can cover a wide variety of industries, with everything from medical to manufacturing. This is a more in-depth way of identifying and solving IT issues, and can be utilized by almost every business structure and need.

Finding The Right Attorney For Your Business Case

This can be tough, but this is essential to your case. Use all of your networking resources, make the calls, and ask for recommendations. The initial meeting should be an interview to make sure the attorney understands what your case is, and whether they believe they can help you achieve the desired end goal.

A Few Tips On Federal Rule 11 

There are many federal litigation rules, but to cover a few rules relevant to the case being described we will start with rule 11. Rule 11 is essentially stating that as a lawyer when you sign a document you have vetted the issues listed and you aren’t making frivolous arguments for the purposes of harassment, unnecessary or undue delay or expense. To the extent of your knowledge the claims hold merit. This rule is meant to protect clients from being taken advantage of my untruthful lawyers, which will cost them very high fees in the long run.

Lessons Learned From Going Through A Multi-Million Dollar Court Case

Having the right lawyer and council going into new business transactions who are really going to dig deep into the history of what is actually being purchased is a great place to start to try to avoid issues with the future of your purchase. That being said it is hard to judge every detail, you can’t predict or control everything, making sure you are prepared to deal with and manage the next steps is sometimes your only option. Building that team within your business realm that takes a proactive approach to the specific needs will work wonders for the future of your business.


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