E24: Season 3 Episode 4: Athletes & Immigration

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Visas And Who They Are Given To

There are different types of visas for different types of immigration. For example there is the E-Visa, which is for investment, the L-Visa for intercompany transfers, the H-Visa, which is for corporate, and the P-Visa which is specifically for athletes and entertainers. The P-Visas are the ones that bring athletes with nationally recognized talent to the United States to continue to perform in this arena. This is popular in many sports but especially baseball, basketball, and football. 


Sports Being A Great Unifier 

The language of sports is unanimous around the globe. Players from all countries have left their homes to pursue a professional career in different countries. With that you see an amazing blend of cultures and people who may not have been sports fans previously are now paying attention. Another global trend is the sports fan, the team doesn’t have to be located in your country to be a fan. 


How To Bring An International Player To A US Team

Getting the paperwork together and going through all the legal processes is the foundation. There must be a plan in place going forward, you have to prove this player is going to be a valid member of US society. Culturally, we all need to respect the needs of international players and what their individual needs are. 



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