E27: Season 3 Episode 7: Real Estate & Investment Insights for Athletes

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Behind The Scenes

Many people that own businesses whether large or small get caught up in the day-to-day aspects of running a business & can forget to plan for the future. That’s where Blake Fellows comes in, with financial planning that goes beyond retirement plans. Whether you’re a professional athlete who gets injured and forced into an early retirement, or someone looking to plan for retirement now, Fellows can help. 


Athletes And Property Ownership

Becoming a professional athlete come with a ton of perks including lots of money, fast. The Marie Henderson Group helps to make sure these athletes are getting the most out of their investment. With a partnership between Marie and Blake they set athletes and first time homebuyers alike up with a plan for success. Having a ton of money thrown at you the way professional athletes do can make the new, wealthy athlete vulnerable to scams. People know how much athletes are making and can easily take advantage of that. Sometimes these people need an advocate to step in with financial expertise and can look at the bigger picture 5 to 10 years down the road. 



Advocacy is an important aspect of building any kind of advisory team around you. Just because the money is there doesn’t mean it needs to be spent frivolously especially if your career depends solely on your physical health, injuries happen unexpectedly. This is where advocacy comes in to show you the bigger picture and plan into the future. Making sure that your purchases are the right investment for your specific situation is what the advocate brings to the table. If you set yourself up with a good financial advocacy team then you can rest assured your money is working for you. 


The Big Three

Coming into money like we stated before can make you particularly vulnerable. Blake offers some pertinent financial advice to avoid falling trap to predators, while Marie comes in with the real estate side. Asset protection, budgeting, and education are the big three for Blake. Marie’s top three are really know where you want to live and start there, don’t just buy in the city you’re contracted to unless that is the place you want to spend your time, and having an out clause in your contract. 



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