E36: Season 4 Episode 1: Ceres Nanosciences & Adapting to COVID-19

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Core Technology Broken Down 

The nanoparticle is essentially a tool used to capture a very small amount of biomarkers that indicate a disease or a condition. These markers are extracted from a large sample of blood or urine, and then concentrated to remove materials that are interfering; concentrating these biomarkers makes the sample more valuable in detecting the disease or condition. Without this nanotrap technology it is very possible to get false negatives when testing. 


Lyme Disease Breakthroughs

Before this technology there was a clear diagnostic path in relation to Lyme disease. The biomarkers were up to this point very hard to detect and capture. Applying the nanoparticle technology to Lyme disease testing through urine samples proved to be a great fit. That technology is then applied to standard clinical lab testing for Lyme disease with more widespread results. 


Adapting To COVID-19

Lyme disease is just one prime example of the technology being applied to a specific disease or condition. This technology can be applied to many areas in medicine, including the current pandemic COVID-19. A major issue with the widespread testing has been false negatives due to methods used in testing.  To address this issue, our technology is used to capture the entire virus in the sample, to then concentrate it to create better more in-depth testing results. There has been funding to further our research into the technology in conjunction to COVID-19 and this nanotrap technology is very close to be deployed into the laboratories and other testing companies. To be clear the technology developed is not a test itself, it is an application that can be applied to all COVID-19 tests.  


Advice To Biotech Startups

Remaining flexible and being able to rapidly adapt in an industry that is always pushing forward is critical. Paying attention to the market and what the needs while being able to develop products effectively that can hot the market quickly is another key point. The market will continually change, so being ready to pivot may not always be the easiest decision, but another major player to remaining relevant in the industry. With all this in mind, hire the right people that fit these guidelines, the team you hire directly influences the company culture. As with any business as well as biotech, budgeting is crucial, know where the cash flow is coming from and where you need grants/funding. 



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