E40: Season 4 Episode 5 – Employer’s Guide to Re-Open Business After COVID-19 Closure

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Employer’s Guide to Re-Open Businesses After COVID-19 Closure 

As we know, there has been a great deal of change for all businesses because of COVID-19. Employer’s and businesses have had to make dramatic shifts for both legal and cautionary purposes. A huge policy shift that most businesses have had to migrate towards is going digital. However, Tom and Phil express with us that the changes are ever evolving, so taking the lessons we have learned from this shift and expanding on them in the future will be beneficial for businessesTom and Phil provide both employers and employees on the most current and efficient tips that contribute to maintaining a successful and healthy business practice. There are many questions and concerns out there as we try to regain a normal business life. One major question being heard from business owners is concerning liability. Will a business owner be liable if an employee tests positive for Covid-19? How does workers comp work if one does contract the virus? Will employers get sued?  Aside from the liability standpoint, will employees want to regain employment? In most cases, the unemployment benefits have been superb. This leads to a new concern, which is motivating employees to want to regain employment. As nothing is for certain, and the changes are continuous, we must keep in mind that this will end, but until it ends, it is essential that each business follows the proper steps to stay afloat during this detrimental time.  



The Takeaways 

During the reopening process it is important to utilize certain steps. Some of these steps include, employee self-surveys, mandatory mask wear, alternating shifts, maximize space, minimize contact. Although the changes can be frustrating, it is important to muscle through them with legality, business, employee and customer’s interest in mind. Following the proper steps, will be recognized by customers and employees with satisfaction, the two groups that contribute most towards a company’s successContinuing to check with your county, health and law departments is also highly recommended. 



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