Episode 59: S6E4 – Digital Messaging for the Digital Age

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Tom Dunlap is joined by special guest Sabrina Shafer, owner of the Continuum. They discuss how to prep your company to go to market digitally.  Topics for the episode include digital transformation, executing your transformation plan and advice for law firms going through a digital transformation.


Launching in a Pandemic  


While the past year has been turbulent for many people, Sabrina feels extremely lucky to have started her company right before the start of the pandemic. Focusing on digital transformation, the pandemic proved that the world needed the services that CONTINUUM offered.  



Increased Needs 


Overnight, every company, no matter the field, needed a system that offers security even with a remote workforce, and allows for flexibility and innovation in that workforce. From the mom-and-pop shops to government entities, no one was exempt from these concerns. This is where CONTINUUM steps in.  


CONTINUUM’s Services  


CONTINUUM provides one, streamlined program to digitize and innovate. Unlike competitors, CONTINUUM automates and restructures how to train staff and customers to operate in the online world. 


Sabrina’s Advice 


According to Sabrina, one of the most important aspects of digitizing your messaging is understanding who you actually are. She urges companies to utilize data to figure out their current customer base, who to actually target, how your competitors are performing and much more. Lastly, the most important thing is implementing what you’ve learned. Listen to the episode to hear more about how CONTINUUM can help with this.  


Executing the Plan  


No matter how accurate your data is or how clear your plan may be, you cannot move forward without properly executing it. Sabrina believes that this comes down to having and supporting a great team. 



Law Firms and Digital Transformation 


In looking at how law firms treat the digital world, Sabrina encourages firms to think of how the client is finding them. She says to keep in mind how podcasts, Facebook, and other online forms as they play a role, and to write relevant information in those places. 


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