Episode 75: S7E11 – The Impact of Credibility

by May 13, 2022Season 70 comments

What factors determine whether a product launch campaign will thrive on the market or fail?

On this episode of the Blackletter podcast, Tom Dunlap continues his conversation with Will Russell, founder of Russell Marketing. In this second of three sessions, Will shares the two things he believes are most important when launching a product that will be successful on the market. First, he speaks about how sellers can validate the potential success of their ideas before putting their time, effort, and finances into them. Will then explains that founders should be trustworthy, transparent, and accountable to support their product launches. Furthermore, Will and Tom share their thoughts about credibility for business representation and getting people on board with a product or idea.

Tune in to this episode to hear Will discuss the supporting factors for a successful product launch, the impact of credibility on business success, and the most significant business challenges he has experienced thus far. And check back in the next episode for the final installment of Will’s interview, where he shares the three pieces of advice he would give to a business.


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