Episode 82: S8E2 – Building a Business

by Aug 19, 2022Season 80 comments

What risks are worth taking to build your ideal business?

On this episode of the Blackletter podcast, host Tom Dunlap continues his three-segment interview with Erik Olson from Array Digital, Array Law, and Rival Digital. As a company founder, Erik Olson is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of the business world, especially for those just starting out. This week, Erik discusses his biggest business challenge: hiring his first employee and facing the potential risks necessary to expand his business from a one-person freelancing operation to an employing company. While the responsibility of hiring a full-time employee was a big undertaking, it was also a significant step towards building the business that he desired.

Listen to this episode to hear Erik speak about how he overcame his obstacle and took the risk necessary to make his vision a reality. And be sure to return for next week’s episode, where Erik will provide his key pieces of advice for entrepreneurs that he learned throughout his career.


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