Episode 84: S8E4 – The Challenges of Turning to Tech

by Sep 16, 2022Season 80 comments

What challenges are you willing to face to pursue your entrepreneurial aspirations in the tech industry?

On this episode of the Blackletter podcast, host Tom Dunlap begins his three-session interview with Terry Dohrmann, founder of the legal operating software company Litify. Terry’s company Litify has grown a lot since it started 6 years ago, but his journey of developing a tech company as a new entrepreneur didn’t come without its challenges. Listen to this episode to hear Terry share his story about transitioning from his role as a Salesforce tech employee to building his own tech company, and how he leveraged his prior knowledge and background to find new success in the tech sector. He explains the obstacles he experienced throughout his new entrepreneurial pursuits, and how he managed to fulfill his mission to modernize legal technology with Litify.

Be sure to tune back in to next week’s episode of The Black Letter podcast, to hear Terry discuss an issue he faced that taught him a valuable lesson in achieving business success.


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